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That image of president Biden & inflation came into my news feed, and a thought occurred to me in regard to the message of that image.

First of all, I declare up front that I wouldn’t vote for any democrat. (I need to make that known because someone may think that I’m a president Biden supporter). It’s also a fact that I voted for Donald Trump in his first run (against Hillary Clinton) and I soon-after regretted my decision to do so. However it worked out for good though, as it was a valuable lesson to me. And as a result of what God taught me in my folly, I don’t intend to ever vote for anyone again. I’m done with politics altogether.

Now here’s the point that I want to share…

While in our politically-charged society it may be easy & natural for a conservative-minded person to point fingers at president Biden for the economic woes of our country, I believe that such practice is shortsighted and misguided.


Because people of nations all over the globe are experiencing the same kind of inflation on the same consumer products, (and the inflation costs are usually much worse elsewhere). Have you seen the price of gas in France lately?

So if it were only America that were experiencing this problem, then posts like that picture of Joe Biden would have more credibility.
But people need a political target to blame don’t they? (Especially in our hyper-politicized nation).
What gratification do politicos get when there’s no one in particular to blame because everyone around the world is experiencing the same thing?



Don’t look at politicians or politics as the solution to anything.

Even in the midst of a brutal Roman government, Jesus never once suggested that His people should be looking at government.
He guided His people to look to Him and His spiritual kingdom.

Therefore I advise everyone to keep your eyes only on the risen Lord Jesus Christ in every matter, and in so doing, the affairs of secular government will lose all of its interest to you.

Thank you for considering what I’ve presented here.

All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and no glory to us whatsoever!

Patriotism is antichrist: