Hi there.

Recently I reached out to Bible gateway about a typo that I found in their digital KJV text.

And so here’s Bible gateway’s answer to me regarding the typo in their digital king James Bible:

TJ Pruitt, Jul 28, 2022,

“Thank you for contacting us about the typo you’ve found in the KJV. We aren’t currently correcting reported errors in the King James Bible because it’s in the public domain. Our policy for fixing typos is to pass them onto the publisher, so the copyright owner of the text can make the changes. Because the KJV is in the public domain, we don’t have an owner or authority with whom to discuss corrections like we do for our other Bible translations.

For this reason, we’ve made the decision to leave the public-domain KJV as-is and to focus instead on a more reliable KJV translation: the Authorized King James Version from Cambridge University Press. You can find that translation here: http://www.biblegateway.com/versions/Authorized-King-James-Version-AKJV-Bible/

[End of response]


Personally, I (Lee Poskey) recommend these excellent digital king James Bible sources:

But if you’re going to use Bible gateway for a Bible reference, be very careful that you’re only using their “Authorized” digital KJV.