Bless his heart, a dear saint in the Lord recently visited with me, expressing his zeal in the Lord, and he referred to Jesus as “Yeshua.”

So I shared some information with him that I’m going to share with you now …

That “Yeshua” business is fallout from the corrupt Hebrew roots movement. I’m not saying that Jesus’ Name in Hebrew isn’t Yeshua, (that isn’t the point).
The point is, God had the writers of the new testament write His new covenant Scripture in Greek.
And if God wanted people to view the new covenant with a Hebrew perspective, then He would have had His writers write it in Hebrew.
But He intentionally didn’t.
(And that’s the point).

If you’ll pay attention to what the Hebrew roots movement does, you’ll soon learn that they try to get people to trust everything as superior from a Hebrew perspective. They entice people into their trap by claiming that they’ll give you a “deeper” understanding of Scripture. And getting you to trust their rendering of that Name which is above every name (the Lord Jesus Christ) as “Yeshua,” is just one of their baits to lure you into gradually seeing everything as superior from a Hebrew perspective. And before you know it you’re into dispensationalism, and if you’re pliable enough, they’ll have you observing Jewish religious days, and promoting earthly Zionism, actively being used for the goals of people who secretly look down on you.
(Why do you think they practically throw bibles at you that have a Hebrew perspective)?

So trust your king James Bible as the infallible word of God.
Those translators penned His name as the Lord Jesus Christ.

Don’t be pulled into a seduction that would eventually have you under the curse of the law.

Read the book of Galatians, and you’ll learn all about this specific warning my friend.

All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and no glory to us whatsoever.