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This short video message scripturally teaches how that Christians aren’t Biblically identified as “sinners,” but are Biblically identified as “saints,” and “holy brethren.”
The Bible identifies lost people (Satan’s children), as “sinners.”
The error of religious, carnal thinking is to associate our identity with our behavior.
(Which is the fundamental error of religion in general).
When the Bible, God, identifies people based on which kingdom a person is located in, (God’s Kingdom or Satan’s kingdom).
[1 Timothy 1.15 where Paul identifies himself as a chief of sinners is also addressed in this video message].

In this film, the practice of using religious titles is also scripturally proven to be forbidden conduct as well.

So enjoy the video my friend, it presents scripturally accurate information that can set you free of religious error if you want to be free of it.

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All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and no glory to us whatsoever!