Who among you really cares?

I can’t help but wonder how many Christians really care about God’s gift of righteousness.

I wish that it weren’t so, but as I look around the landscape of Christianity, I see very few people other than myself who are really excited about having been made the righteousness of God.
(Don’t tell me that you’re excited about it if you’re not posting about it).

Where are your messages of joy over God having made every saint His righteousness?

What are you waiting on to happen, that’s going to finally excite you enough about your possessing the righteousness of God that you’re going to start shouting out about this great news?

I’ll bet if someone gave you a million dollars you’d be all giddy & excited about it…but God having made you His righteousness as a free gift doesn’t excite you enough to proclaim it???

I just don’t understand the apathy in Christianland toward God’s greatest gift. 😔