Hi there, my friend cybergypsy brought an online Bible recommendation to me. So I loaded it & used it a little bit, and now I’m pleased to recommend it to you.

The TBS online Bible app.

I couldn’t find this app on Google play, (or even as a link on the TBS main site).
But I went to the TBS website and created a free account. Then I went to their online menu, selected their TBS online Bible from their online scriptures digital content, and downloaded their (free of charge) English Bible. And I then received a pop up suggestion to download their app, (and so I did).

And it was sure worth the effort, here’s why…

If you’re anything like me, you will not own a commentary (study) Bible.
Because it pollutes God’s word with man’s uninspired thinking.

But cross references are very good to have because it links scripture with scripture. And I don’t mind translator’s notes either. Why? Because you get to see the translator’s word-options they were considering when they were choosing the Bible’s wording.

So with the TBS Bible app, you get only the Authorized Version (which is perfect), and you get the most comprehensive volume of cross references and translator’s notes in one unit.

I’ve owned several TBS Bibles, and they’re all trustworthy editions.

So you need not worry about the content.

I’ve also purchased the Kindle edition of their westminster Bible a while back, (because I’ve owned that printed Bible and loved it). But I found the Kindle-format of their Bible to be too confusing to navigate, so I abandoned it.

But that’s not the case with this app version; this experience is simple to navigate.

But that’s not all (unlike the current blue letter Bible app where your bookmarks are confined to only the device that the bookmarks were created on), once you create an account with TBS, your bookmarks are saved across all your devices. (Your stuff is portable).
Which means that with this app you can do your daily Bible reading on your tablet at home in the morning, then pick up where you left off at 3pm (on your phone) while you’re waiting to get your tires changed.

Honestly, what more could you ask for in a Bible app?

Here’s their website:


May God richly bless us with discernment, and All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and no glory to us whatsoever!