Good mornin to you my friend, this is Lee Poskey.

I want to briefly share my thoughts with you about the topic of secular government.

Against my better judgment, I voted for trump in his first run (against hillary).

And it wasn’t long afterward that I was disgusted with myself for having voted for him.

Do you remember in that campaign how he conspicuously carried a Bible around, and met with “Christian” leaders, (to signal to everyone that he was “Christian”)?

Well once he got the political traction & prestigious job that he coveted, he seemed to have kicked Jesus to the curb didn’t he?

I saw him constantly bragging on himself, but never bragging on Jesus.

Some people might say, “he wasn’t our spiritual leader, he was our political leader.”
And to that I say, then he shouldn’t have been using Jesus & the Bible as a prop to get elected if he didn’t want to be scrutinized on his profession of being a Christian.

Even in trump’s farewell address (and afterward), I still haven’t seen him publicly bragging on (or even mentioning) Jesus. (his alleged Saviour).

I was so disgusted with myself for voting for that guy, that it ended my interest in politics permanently.
I don’t intend to ever vote for anyone again.
I’ve just gotten to the point that I don’t really care what government does anymore, right or wrong, I’ve simply tuned out of the whole charade. (And my life is much more peaceful as a result).

I don’t question that God puts people in authority over us, but God also put Nebuchadnezzar over the nation of Judah.

we’re not supposed to believe in those people, or bow to their wicked national idols, (patriotism).

There, that’s my two-cents about secular government.


All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and no glory to us whatsoever!