Hey, are your bible ribbons not pleasing to you? Are they too short? The wrong color? The wrong width? Or are you bored hanging out during quarantine, and you just want something different to do?
Well I’m going to show you how to replace your bible ribbons the easy way. (I’ve done it numerous times myself, and you can easily do it too).
[Incidentally, the bible and ribbon assembly that you’re going to see in this post were never actually used in association with each other. I just happened to have that ribbon assembly on hand and wasn’t currently using it, so it was pressed into service as an illustration].

Here’s the supplies that you’ll need:

· Cardstock to make your ribbon fob with.

· New ribbons of your choosing, (mine came from hobby lobby).

· Thin tape, (it doesn’t matter what kind of tape, scotch tape, freezer tape, whatever. Just so long as it’s not thick tape, like duct tape or electrical tape). This is going to anchor your ribbons to your cardboard fob.

· A pair of scissors, (to cut your ribbons to length).

· A really sharp blade of some kind. (Like a freestanding razor blade, or a new utility knife blade). This is to cut slits in your ribbon fob that your going to weave your new ribbons through, and to cut off your old ribbons, (if you opt to do that).


a fire source: to melt the finished ribbon’s ends to prevent them from fraying in the future.

double sided tape: to stick your ribbon fob to your bible cover inside of its spine tunnel. 

So let’s get to it shall we?

1. (Choose the material for your ribbon fob)
Find some thin single-ply material to make your fob from, like a business card or a cereal box. (You can’t use thick corrugated cardboard and the like, because this feature of your ribbon-assembly is going to ride inside the spine tunnel of your bible).

2. (Ribbon selection)
You can use whatever type of ribbons that you want, but may I give you a little advice please?
If possible, get double-satin ribbons. All that means, is that both sides of the ribbon is silky smooth. (Instead of single-satin ribbons where one side is scratchy and the other side is silky). Moreover, be sure to get the ribbon width that’s appropriate for the thickness of your bible.
How many ribbons do you want to attach to your bible? This will also be a factor of your bible’s thickness & how wide your ribbons are. The widest ribbons that I use is 3/8 inch wide, (which are also the width of the ribbons used in this tutorial).
And finally, I recommend that you use different colors for each ribbon. (That’s for your convenience), so that you can spot at a glance which ribbon is for what. Ivory for old testament, red or purple for new testament, khaki for a miscellaneous floater ribbon, (you get the idea).

3. (Getting rid of the old ribbons)
Now you have to decide whether you’re going to cut your old ribbons off or hide them. (If you opt to cut the old ribbons off, you’re going to use that sharp razor blade that I mentioned earlier). Be sure to put a thin cutting board under the old ribbons before you start cutting them off, (because you need something to shield your bible’s paper from the blade, (a little piece of plastic packaging perhaps).
If you opt to tuck & hide your old ribbons, see step number 1 in the 2nd part of this tutorial series.

4. (Making the ribbon assembly)
Next, cut your cardstock to around two inches in length, and a little narrower than your bible’s spine tunnel.
Mark and cut staggered slots on that cardstock to weave your ribbons through, (the razor blade is used to cut these slits). Once you’ve woven the ribbons in, then put a little bit of thin tape on the ribbons and cardstock to make sure that the ribbons stay put in the fob.
The picture below should describe it all for you:

5. (Joining your new ribbons to your bible)
Now gently slide your ribbon fob into your bible’s spine tunnel. You can use something (not sharp or pointed) to push the fob in as deep into the spine as you want it to be.

6. (The finishing touches)
For the final touch, trim your ribbons to the length you like, then very lightly singe the ends to prevent them from fraying in the future.

And there you have it…
Your custom bible ribbons.
You see, that was a piece of cake wasn’t it?

Thank you for sharing some of your valuable time in reading this post.

All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and no glory to us whatsoever.


Please visit the book end to this article, “Replacing your bible ribbons part 2”