Welcome to part 2 of this tutorial series.
After posting the previous tutorial about installing bible ribbons, I decided to have some fun and take this sort of project to the next level.

(If you haven’t already, please read part one of this tutorial series before reading this post. That way you’ll be familiar with the process of replacing bible ribbons, (because I’m not going to cover all of those steps in this tutorial).

In this project, I included two additional very thin ribbons (3 millimeter wide) to serve as dedicated-ribbons as placemarks for my bible’s index and concordance. (To eliminate post-it notes for bookmarks, and to not tie up my main ribbons to hold these places in my bible).

So let’s get to the fun stuff…
1. (The tuck & hide)
My bible already came with two nice 3/8 double-satin ribbons installed, (the same width as my ivory & purple ribbons). But both factory ribbons are the same navy-blue color, (and I don’t want any two ribbons the same color so that I can distinguish their individual purpose better). Therefore I opted to keep one of them in use, and hid the other identical ribbon without damaging it. How I did it was, I made a loop at the end of the ribbon and taped it shut, (see the sample photo immediately below). And I made a notched ribbon pusher out of cardboard to slide the unused ribbon into concealment. (using a piece of the cover from a child’s coloring book, folded in half lengthwise for rigidity, and notched to keep it locked onto the ribbon loop while pushing it into the bible’s spine tunnel).


2. (Joining the ribbons with the fob)
On this ribbon assembly, I didn’t have room for four ribbons side by side, so I began by mounting the thin ribbons in an “X” pattern so that they would naturally favor the extreme left and right where they would serve as placemarks for the bible’s index and concordance respectively.
Push the ribbons into the fob slits with a pencil tip, then pull them through the opposite side with your fingernails or tweezers. (Be sure to cut rounded corners on your fob, so that it will slide smoothly into place when you install your ribbon assembly into your bible).



Now go ahead and weave your large ribbons through their slits, and then tape everything in place.


3. (Installation of your new ribbon assembly)
Slide the assembly into your bible’s spine tunnel, using something rigid that won’t cut or puncture anything. (I used a little plastic ruler).


4. (Trimming the new ribbons to your preferred length)
In the final trim length of your ribbons, cut the less-used thin ribbons shorter than your main ribbons. That way they won’t be in your way so much in everyday use of your bible.


And the following pictures represent what you can expect to see in your finished project:





(final trim length)


And the cool part is, if you ever get tired of your ribbon arrangement, you can pull the fob out, and the bible’s original ribbons can be used exactly as they were when your bible was factory new.

In this project, no harm is done to your bible whatsoever.

Well that’s the end folks.

This whole project was very inexpensive, and a lot of fun to do, and I believe that you’ll have fun in this endeavor as I did.

I thank you for visiting with me.

All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and no glory to us whatsoever.