[Written by a friend on Facebook]

So, have I ever mentioned that I quit reading my Geneva bible and why?

It is a TRmss bible, and it is quite similar to KJV, but… Those notes.

I had to stop myself from throwing it across the room, one day, when I began to read the notes in it. I honestly hadn’t, before that, as I prefer my text to be simply text, but someone had said something about a couple of the notes in it, so I checked.

In two places (all I checked before putting it away in a box) it states (not the text itself, but the translators reference notes) that the archangel Michael is none other than Jesus Christ. 😳

Jehovah’s Witness anyone?!?


I was so upset.

They were small errors, and not in the main text, but if the translators allowed that in, what else was in error? I didn’t feel a need to go and find out, that was enough for me.

That was the day that I finally and for good decided to stick with KJV.

It was all well and good to read other translations, to understand where folks got their doctrinal ideas from, but wow… That was some major blasphemy.

So sad, though, to think that so many reformers might have agreed with that note, even if it never showed up in their other writings.
I’ve never seen it posited elsewhere among them, and since my Geneva is a newer reprint it is perhaps contaminated, and the note wasn’t part of the original (?)… Either way, it’s been put safely out of reach of anyone who might come across it.

Words matter. Doctrine matters.