If you’re a little like I am, you can’t stand to see your notes or commentary next to scripture. But, sometimes you want to add a scripture reference, (but you want it to look neat).

So what do you do?

You trace over a section of graph paper (to make the lines darker), then cut that section of graph paper out, and use it as your guide to nearly write cross references in your bible.

So where do you stow that handy little piece of graph paper?

You cut & paste a little pocket to the back cover of your bible.


And how about placing the bible at the perfect angle for reading?

Use an adjustable, cheap, bookstand. I bought this one from ebay years ago, and it still serves me very well.

(The plastic lap desk came from Walmart, as did the rubber anti-skid shelf paper that covers it all).

Lord bless His saints.

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