Here’s my recommendations based on my practices


The bible highlighter that I use is called: Crayola “twistables.”

(Here’s one listing for these pencils on Amazon)

I drew a sampling of colors from these pencils on some scrap paper so that you can see some of their different colors side-by-side.

Unlike liquid highlighters, they don’t bleed into the paper, they’re erasable, and they’re dirt cheap. (I get them at the grocery store on the school supplies aisle).


Also, regarding note-taking in bibles:

I use ordinary pencils, (not pens) and I don’t write doctrinal notes in my bible.

That way if my understanding of doctrine shifts later on, I don’t have permanent error written into my bible.


And finally, as a method of bible reading, I recommend that you start reading in Genesis one, and read straight through the bible.

I’ve found “reading plans” to be cumbersome. So I recommend that you do as I do: Just read however much you want to read whenever you read your bible. (Who cares how long it takes to read through the bible). Go slow, and you’ll get a lot more out of your reading sessions when you’re not obligated to check off a required quantity of verses. (Which turns an otherwise joyous encounter into a chore).

God bless His saints.