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We who use only the KJV bible, understand how corrupt all of the Westcott & Hort derivatives, (all modern bible versions) are in how they attack the Person and finished work of the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

Similarly, the KJV also identifies the subject of a statement in ways that corrupt modern versions just can’t compete with. For example, corrupt modern bible versions don’t properly distinguish who is being spoken to by their using a one-size-fits-all “you” in bible verses.

Whereas the king James bible distinguishes the subject of a statement with “ye,” “you,” and “your” for plural persons, and uses “thee,” “thine,” and “thou” for singular persons.

(The way that I think of it is: “y” = “ya’ll.”)


John 15.16

“Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you…”

Because of the word “Ye,” we know that the whole audience is who’s being spoken to. (Y=ya’ll)


Matthew 25.21

However the KJV does use some words which are unfamiliar to the 21st century reader, so for those words, I highly recommend that you use & bookmark the AV1611 site. There (in addition to the text of the whole bible), you’ll find very helpful study aids in their menu, which includes an excellent KJV dictionary. (Pictured in the accompanying screenshots).