Here’s a craft idea for anyone wishing they had neat, ruled paper where their bible’s cardstock is.

Lightly sand, (barely touch) the side of the cardstock that you want to cover with ruled paper, (if necessary). The idea is, you want the best glue adhesion to the cardstock as possible. So you want the cardstock surface to be microscopically rough, and free of any slick coatings.

Lay extra sheets of scrap paper over non-affected areas of your bible to shield it from the glue.

Then smear paste all over the entirety of the bible’s cardstock, but pay particular attention that the cardstock’s edges are covered in paste, (because after you trim the excess notebook paper away, you want a unified & bonded edge). Then carefully insert your notebook paper into your bible’s fold, and gently press the notebook paper against the glued surface, working upward. Then close the bible, stack something on top of it to weight it down overnight for the paste to bond to the paper & dry. Then trim away the excess notebook paper the next day.

Viola, finished product.

(It’s about as easy as a project gets).

If you need a little more info, just ask, I’ll be happy to help you however I can.

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