“Blood From A Stone” (trailer) on YouTube

This trailer is just over a minute long. This was a docudrama that the history channel aired 10 or 15 years ago, and it was riveting!

The biggest punch of this true story, is the work of God in the heart of a man. God didn’t allow an Israeli treasure hunter find treasure until his heart was changed. He looked and looked, but when he had a change of heart and no longer wanted to keep the treasure for himself, but would give it to help people, God let him find the treasure.

I recall on an anniversary-evening of our marriage, I saw this film for the very first time. I was watching t.v. while my wife got ready for us to go out to eat for our anniversary. And I was so riveted to this story, that I couldn’t not watch this show, so our night out was delayed for a little while, (until this show ended).

Here’s how this whole story became a story to tell…An Israeli treasure hunter attended a W.W. 2 veteran’s reunion. And he had a conversation with a vet who shared with him a fascinating story about himself, (Sam) his G.I. buddy, (Tommy) and a buried treasure. And the treasure hunter then persued to find that treasure based on the story that Sam had told him.

And here’s the basic story of what happened with Sam & Tommy …These two men attacked and killed some Nazis. And in those Nazi’s possession, was a fortune in uncut diamonds that the Nazis had stolen from holocaust Jews. So with those Nazis now dead, these two G.I.’s looted those diamonds for themselves from the dead Nazis. Then they went about the war, while they secretly carried those diamonds around.

They hid the diamonds on their body, but after a while the sharp diamonds cut into their skin so badly that they got miserable infections to the point that they just wanted to be rid of these diamonds. So they buried them in their foxhole, with the intention to return some day and retrieve them, (but they never did).   

And another interesting part of this story is that Tommy died in the war, and his surviving family is tracked down in this documentary. And finding Tommy’s family wasn’t easy, because he was from migrant farm workers. But when they were located in rural Kansas, Sam got to tell Tommy’s surviving family about his experiences with their Tommy during the war. And They were also informed of Tommy’s medals for bravery as well, and Sam visited Tommy’s grave after not knowing what happened to him since the war.

This docudrama does a masterful job of recreating the story of Sam and Tommy, while at the same time, documenting the actual (and successful) treasure hunt for these diamonds of a man who’s heart God had changed for the better.

It was fascinating to watch.

here’s a short segment of the docudrama when they actually found the diamonds (For some reason, this video is presented in mute mode. However, just tapping the screen unmutes it).

Here’s the Amazon ordering link for the DVD


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