The pagan basis for church steeples

Below is an excerpt from the article that is linked-above. And it pretty much sums up the whole point of this article…

“Spires/steeples. One of the most characteristic and venerated objects in Pagan society is the phallus, used to symbolize male power and fertility as well as associated deities. “

Yes, if you understand as I do, the meaning behind church steeples is evil, filthy, & Satanic. A symbol that is kindred to the Satanic cursive pentagram. So why even have those things associated with God’s people? Why not tear those nasty things down? What do steeples have to do with biblical Christianity whatsoever? 

In my LCBP 380 bibles, the company logo is a church with a steeple. (No, I don’t believe that the publisher has any ill intention). But back when these bibles first came in the mail, I immediately cut those phallus symbols off of those logos, and patched the cut-outs with clear tape, (to prevent tearing). Not only does the image disturb me, but having that symbolism associated with God’s word is particularly evil (to me). A subtle mocking of God’s word, just as the enemy has always done.



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