“New Age Bible Versions Exposed”- By Gail Riplinger on YouTube

Please don’t tune this message out before you’ve heard it. I too wasn’t always a KJV only user, the NAS was my primary version. And I too used to disregard KJV only advocates, I thought they were ill-informed and blinded by tradition. But this specific video presented information to my wife and I that was so disturbing, that we are permanently changed for the better because of having learned this information, (praise Jesus). And I was personally so disturbed by what I learned, that I destroyed all of our non KJV versions.

If you’re using a bible version subsequent to the king James, you ought to watch this video. This presentation should be required-watching for every Christian.

Also as a final thought, people who defend modern bible versions sometimes say, “you’ve gotta go to the original manuscripts to get the real truth.” But what one must realize is, the king James is translated from different manuscripts than the modern versions are. So going to the Greek for a modern version are different documents than going to the Greek in the king James translation base, (the textus receptus). And this video presentation lays it out very well.

One disclaimer though. This presentation was hosted by “the prophecy club,” and I don’t know anything about them.

I really hope that you’re as blessed by this presentation as we were.

Here is my video playlist about bible choices


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