Share your salvation testimony…”Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee.”

In the title of this article is an excerpt from Mark 5.19. This was an account of a naked & maniacal, demon-possessed man who Jesus saved, and was now “…sitting, and clothed, and in his right mind…” (Mark 5.15).

So what did Jesus want him to do? Go to bible college? No. Jesus wanted him to share his testimony. That’s the best witness that we have, especially towards those people who know us best. Because those people can verify the work of Christ in us; they can see the validity of our before-salvation and after-salvation spirit.

Salvation is indeed a miracle, and miracles of God are worth sharing aren’t they?

Our foremost message to the world should be our miracle new birth…”look at what God has done in saving me, and He’ll do it for you too if you’ll only believe on Him.” That gives hope to that despondent and hopeless person who can’t find any reason to go on in life. That message steers lost souls away from everlasting torment in hell, and steers them towards fellowship with the Son and eternal life. Nothing you have to say has more meaning than your testimony.

It doesn’t have to be some dramatic saga, it’s not in competition with anyone else. Whatever your testimony is, that’s your testimony, and it’s beautiful.

And by all means, please write it down on paper.

Your descendants many years from now will need your salvation testimony. Just think what a blessing it will be when God is drawing your great great grandchild to Himself many years from now when you’re dead and gone. If they have a copy of your testimony, they’ll read & re read your testimony like it was a priceless treasure map. Clinging to every word and tone that you put into it, as they try to understand what God is doing in them. They’ll be able to see in your letter the identical work of the Holy Ghost that they are now experiencing. Is that an inspiring thought or What? What you write down right now, will one day be one of the most treasured possessions of someone that isn’t even born yet.

So have fun writing it. And don’t worry about messing it up. I’ve rewritten mine it seems like a million times. Emphasizing certain points, and de emphasizing others as I mature in my walk.

So get going, you’ve gotta start somewhere. πŸ˜ƒ

Grace and peace to you my friend.



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