Witnessing ideas

Hi. These are a few witnessing tools that I’ve used for a while, so I’m sharing the ideas.

The business cards (shown above), and car magnets (shown below), I ordered from Vistaprint, and the bumper sticker you see on my back window, I ordered from makestickers.com. The beauty of all 3 products is, the customer decides everything that’s printed on them. So that makes it especially fun…you’re communicating whatever you want to say to the world, instead of someone else deciding for you what information you’re sharing.

These magnets and decals are uniquely useful, because even when I’m at a stop light or my vehicle is in a parking lot, hope in Christ is still being communicated to people.

I appreciate all of these witnessing tools, but the business cards are my favorite of the bunch. Because I leave them all over the place, and I hand them out to random people that I encounter. And that’s really handy, because people are on the go so often, and don’t have time for a conversation. But with a business card, they can read it later, and visit your web address for more information. 


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