John McArthur is leading people to hell, (as is everyone else who teaches “Lordship salvation”).

Let me give you a bit of my own experience from listening to him.

For a season in my life, I was a rabid McArthur fan. I was originally attracted to his stance against the dangers of charismaticism, because I was once in that movement, and I enjoyed hearing someone rebuke it. I listened to “Grace to you,” podcasts, & YouTube sermons by McArthur multiple times a day, most days of the week. No one has to tell me what McArthur teaches, I’ve probably listened to thousands of hours of his messages. I also bought his various commentaries, books, and study bibles.

But when God opened my eyes to His grace & finished work, I clearly saw the evil influence that McArthur had on me. I then threw away all of the McArthur-related material that I owned; it was filthy trash that denied the finished work of Christ.

McArthur is deceptive in how he presents his damning gospel. He will say that it’s all of grace, and then he’ll contradict himself and tell you that you’ve gotta surrender your life to Christ, and repent of your sins to be saved. (The title for that damning heresy is called “Lordship salvation”).

There was also a depressing side-effect when I was believing the “McArthur way.” I was hypocritical, judgemental, and arrogant. I was mentally judging the profession of faith of professing Christians by their repentance of sins and commitment to Christ. Most people’s behavior didn’t measure up, and I thought I was one of a few Christians that was genuinely committed to Christ. What a load of dung!

I just thank the Holy Ghost for steering me out of that mess.

My friend, if you’re believing like I once did, the “Lordship salvation” way, I beg you to get out of it. 

God loves you, and He has finished the work of salvation for anyone who wants it, and it’s equally offered to all of humanity. And all you have to do to receive it…is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved, (no works required).

Grace and peace to you.

Click here for the way of salvation


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