The difference between being drawn to salvation, and having been saved.

This article is intended to help people overcome guilt, and to help people get saved.

I’m going to briefly use my own story because my testimony exists for a reason. So look and see where you fit into this narrative. Are you seeking God’s forgiveness, or are you resting in it?

Without going into specific details about my sins, I was drawn by God mightily through my sin consciousness. For one example, over and over, I’d pull off the highway, go plant my face to the earth, and seek God’s forgiveness for my sins. Scenarios like this went on for a long time. And during this drawing-season, there was no finality of freedom from my sin guilt.

But God quickened two truths of scripture unto me to consummate my regeneration. Those truths being… That ALL of my sins were forgiven on the cross, (Col. 2.13), and God ONLY forgives sins by blood, (Heb. 9.22). And when I really believed that my forgiveness was completed and finished, I was literally screaming with joy! Jumping up and down with excitement, all alone, in the cab of my truck.

When Jesus said “It is finished”…it really was!

You won’t find a single verse of scripture that either says to ask God for forgiveness, or that He forgives sin by requesting forgiveness. And this truth is especially powerful in scripture after the cross, where the full revelation of the finished work of Christ is revealed.

Our job is to believe on Christ, and specifically where our sins are concerned, is to believe the truth found in Colossians 2.13…”And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath he quickened together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses”

* Let me add this quick note please, lest anyone misunderstand me and think that I’m promoting universal salvation, (I am not). God draws all people to Himself, but everyone also has the freewill to believe or not believe on Christ. And those people who die who wouldn’t believe on Christ, will go to hell, dead in their sins.

So the question to ask yourself is this:

“Do I believe that only Jesus’ blood can forgive my sins? And that it was a one-time event at the cross?” 

He ain’t bleeding & dying anymore, so no ongoing forgiveness is being issued for anyone…One is either fully forgiven, or one has no forgiveness.

There are decent religious people who have gone to church for decades, and still haven’t rested in the truth. And I know that it’s human nature, (and rampant in religious lingo), to imagine a dual forgiveness relationship with God: positional & relational. But that’s not how forgiveness from God works; forgiveness is by blood only. God in scripture says so.

And one final note. 1 John 1.9 isn’t a bar of soap for Christians. This verse in harmony with the entire first chapter of 1 John is evangelical to lost people who are Christ deniers & sin deniers.

So if you’re not yet resting in the finished work of Christ, I ask you to please make today the day that you do so. Be free of your guilt once and for all.

You will be free my friend, and you will honor God by believing Him, and the testimony of His Son. 😃

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    1. Hey good mornin Elizabeth. 😃
      I’m just thankful that you like my post. That encourages me.
      I understand too about not getting notifications, that happens to me too sometimes. I figured you were busy with your kids at summer camp.
      I hope they are enjoying it by the way, and you get a break too.
      Lord bless you.

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