I had much agitation listening to this Trump speech. I’m not questioning that God appoints leaders in government, but I’ve never seen any indication that Trump is a Christian. And as I understand it, he claims to be a Christian, (and that’s what gets my goat).

This entire speech did nothing but use the fictitious generic god that patriotism promotes,…to showcase how fabulous he is.

Church membership, morality, patriotism, or believing in a generic god…isn’t Christianity. Even intellectually believing information about Jesus isn’t Christianity. One must appropriate the life of Christ by grace through faith. That’s the only way to be born again.

Trump has never (that I’ve ever heard) said publicly that the Lord Jesus Christ is God, and that believing on Him is the only way of salvation. 

Later in the speech, Trump was talking about his fabulous accomplishments at his recent Arab nations conference. (You remember, that’s the Arab nations conference where he did a ridiculous “sword dance” with muslims). Well, I heard him say something (between the 30:00-30:30 minute mark), that was alarming…”every child of God, no matter where they live, what language they speak, or what book they live by, deserves to be able to grow up in harmony, dignity, and peace.”

Now I’m all for people living in harmony, dignity, and peace. The problem is,… that statement is saying that the children of God are adherents of multiple religions. Or put another way…Jesus isn’t the only way to God, heaven, and salvation.

Could a Christian make a statement like that? Are you kidding me!? 

He will use morality, family values, and even God & the bible, to promote how fabulous he is. He is the center of everything. Everything exists for the purpose of showcasing Trump’s accomplishments.

Why doesn’t some Christian who’s close to him tell him for his own good… “Mr. president, you are a sinner, justly under the wrath of God, and headed for eternity in hell. So believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.”

I hope someday I’ll be proven wrong about my perception of him. I really and truly do.

And I’ll admit something that pains me to say…I voted for him. Against my better judgement, and after I’d claimed that I wouldn’t ever vote for him, I went and did it anyway. I stopped on my way to work one morning and voted, because the idea of Hillary winning was such an awful possibility to me. I probably would have voted for Kermit the frog if I thought he had a chance of beating Hillary in that election. But I should’ve listened to that inner voice and not have voted at all.

All I can recommend is to pray for Trump’s salvation, and to pray for people to not put faith in any mortal person.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the only man that we can, (or should) trust.

Click here for the way of salvation



    1. Ordinarily I don’t tell a lost person that they’re on their way to hell. But when a person is exalting himself so egregiously, and using God as a prop to showcase his imagined magnificence. I believe that it’s warranted. It’s also a biblical fact. Those who die who are not in Christ…are going to hell.

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      1. Oh I understood “That’s what gets my goat” meaning something that approximates with “that’s what agitates me. I commented to say I like that idiom. I’ve never heard anyone use it before lol. So I figure it must be “Southern” but I could be wrong.

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