Watch “Don Knotts Tribute” on YouTube

I enjoyed this 45 minute video. It’s the cast of the old Griffith show discussing Barney right after he died in 2006.

The Andy Griffith show was very special to me from the 1980s through 2012 or so, (until God pulled me to Himself). I was an adult during the 1980s, and I felt the pain in my life that I had caused. And this old show was a way for me to reconnect to my innocence before I went bad. It was a vicarious way for me to still enjoy the stability and love that I enjoyed as a child from my grandparents (that were long-since passed away). We were from a small southern town that had a lot of similarities with the show, with a similar atmosphere of family and friends when I was a young fella. 

Throughout those years, I originally liked Andy the best, but I later got to where I liked Barney more. Although they both will always be loved by me.

God bless you my friend, and good mornin to you.

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