My quiet place

Good mornin to you.

Just for fun, I’m sharing a view of where I enjoy my bible reading. It’s a little office in the back of our home. My desk is a credenza pushed against a wall. On the wall where the desk is, is an assortment of scripture and family loving memorabilia.

When God called me back to Himself after my 25 year rebellion against Him. I wanted to remind myself that He really wasn’t going to throw me away. So I took a permanent marker and hand wrote encouraging scripture directly on the walls of our office. But I’ve since painted over those writings, however I left one message to myself, that’s still there on the wall.

“All of my sin is already forgiven”

Click here for the way of salvation



    1. I thought about God’s involvement in your life. (NOT BECAUSE OF ME). I thought about how you were browsing bibles to buy online one day. And God has given you a whole bunch of Christians to interact with. Who would’ve predicted that to happen?
      Ain’t that awesome?

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  1. It really is awesome. Searching for bibles that day led me to you and a whole christian blogging world i hadnt ever thought of searching for and reading. It was just on a fluke. Our Almighty God is always in control and it’s so comforting…at least to me. Im thankful to Him for your friendship πŸ™‚ and thats a big ole 10-4

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