Disconnect from narcissists, railers & strife

Good mornin to you my friend.

I’m going to relate some information to you that hopefully will strengthen your thought processes. This is stuff that I’ve encountered firsthand.

When you’re on social media like here on wordpress, it’s just a matter of time until you encounter a narcissist, or a railer. Ironically, even in the realm of Christian discussion.

The thing that really distinguishes these people is their skill at manipulating people; every thing they do is calculated to ultimately get what they want. They often want too much personal information about your life, and will feign friendship with you (until their mask drops), and then they’ll personally demean you. They have no genuine remorse. You’re just a source of ego-supply for them to psychologically feed on and manipulate.

Yes you forgive them and don’t hold grudges. 

But you’re not going to fix these people; they have serious mental problems. My advice is to shut off all contact with these people, block them wherever possible, and pray for them. After you shut off contact, you can expect them to try to bait you into re engaging with them in dialogue. Maybe asking your opinion about something, complimenting you, appealing to your sympathy for them, or just a simple meaningless “hello”…None of this is sincere. They’re just trying to see what bait works to get you to respond to them. So that they can re engage you in dialogue to parasitically feed on whatever it is that that they get from you. When you don’t respond to them, it’s not uncommon for these people to covertly smear, or try to get back at you in some way. But not to worry…God will prevail in all things; no weapon formed against you can prosper.

And of course we’re blessed when people use and manipulate us. But I don’t believe that we should cooperate in helping them do it to us, (or anyone else). God gave us discernment.

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      1. My husband has been taking “abuse” from some one just like this. 😦 He has given this person a job-a vehicle-food and this person just takes-takes-takes-and lies-lies- lies-playing on my husband’s sympathy. They want-want-want but don’t want to hear about the Lord and what The Lord can do to help them overcome their problems. I think my husband gets torn…wanting to do the right thing…but like us all we do not always know what we are to do…THAT IS WHERE THE WORD OF OUR SAVIOUR COMES IN!!! It is knowing when enough is enough! But just as you shared we have been given discernment use it. We can not fix these people and some DO NOT want to be…that is hard to believe isn’t it?

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        1. So true. Tell him that me and my wife have experienced the same thing.
          Tell him that I too had to cut several people off from helping them.
          Maybe it’s wrong, but I’m human.
          At first you enjoy helping someone in need. But when they get to where they’re constantly expecting it from you, and not willing to take your advice to make changes in their life. …it ain’t fun helping them anymore. And yes, they don’t want any meaningful discussion about the Lord. He ain’t alone.

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        2. Also, I know the anguish he feels about being torn in the matter. I’ve had many a visit with my wife about dealing with people like this. You know you have a biblical obligation to help. But at the same time, you are being lied to constantly so that you can be manipulated. I know, believe me.
          But thankfully my wife gives me great advice when I’m at crossroads like this.
          Everyone has their limits, to the manipulation that they’ll tolerate.

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  1. I was baited yesterday by someone who does not even believe in the authority of Scripture and after several exchanges, I found out this person not only rejects the gender God revealed Himself in Scripture and does not even believe in His omniscience and also claims God has rejected him.

    Your last sentence sums it perfectly, “God gave us discernment.” Amen to that.

    Jesus, seeing through Herod did not even answer his questions in Luke 23:9, “He plied him with many questions, but Jesus gave him no answer.”

    Thanks for this post.

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    1. Thank you for your kindness.
      From what you describe about that person, it sounds like he just looks for Christians to argue with. Thinking that he is so smart. I’ve encountered atheists like that who enjoy an opportunity to antagonize a Christian.
      Jesus had the right response didn’t He? Just don’t respond to their foolishness. πŸ˜ƒ

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