Ain’t it fun being a Christian?

I wish I could adequately express the joy that’s in my heart. (And I don’t even go to church).

When God has taken all of your guilt away and has given you His righteousness, it frees you up to be all happy. All the pressure’s off, you can just have fun splashin around in His nature.

I have so much fun just being my weird self as God expresses His love through me. He even uses my hickness to express Himself to others in a way that’s uniquely my own. It’s fun!

I love installing niceness on people. Out in the wild, you know, in real life.

People I encounter probably often think that there’s something mentally wrong with me, but I don’t care. I love gettin all niceness to folk. My coworkers and family are well used to me, but people I interact with randomly ain’t used to it when God installs His niceness on them through me. And I ain’t talkin about me doin some charitable stuff. I’m talkin about the grinnin and exuberance that God flows through me.

God has made me explode with grinnin and happiness, and it gets spilled and splashed all over the place. And of course I have unpleasant days too, but whether my days are pleasant or unpleasant, the Lord always supplies whatever I need.

And good mornin to you!!! 😃👍

Click here for the way of salvation


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  1. And good afternoon and good evening too! Yep, it often makes people think we’re weird, but hopefully, in there somewhere… they will want to have what we have and will seek it out too! Thus your ‘salvation’ link! 🙂

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