One reason I haven’t fit in with institutionalised church

Here it goes, it’s kinda funny, and maybe you too have run into this…

I am enthralled with resting in the finished work of Christ in the new covenant! Man I don’t put any stock in my behavior or performance to correlate to God’s love or acceptance of me. Because I’m in Christ… I’m a sanctified saint who is the righteousness of God 24/7, (irrespective of my behavior). And no more forgiveness will ever be given to me by God; I was totally forgiven of all of my sins for the entirety of my life on Jesus’ cross.     This is what every Christian has in Christ. You’d think that this would be standard teaching in religion, but just try to find it.

Now, when I’ve expressed what I believe about Christ’s finished work to religious leaders, I’ve gotten pushback. 

Basically the opposing-thinking being summarized as…you can’t be claiming all of that. You need to sit under our teaching for a while so we can get you straightened out. You’re under construction boy, and don’t be claiming any new covenant stuff either, that’s only for Israel, (dispensational thinking).

I’m fully aware that I’m not finished in the sense that I don’t have a glorified body yet, and that I’ve got a lifelong journey of growing in grace and maturity. So in that sense, I’m under construction.

But I can show scripture after scripture to validate all of that joy that’s within me. And thankfully God has made me simple enough to believe it. But it just doesn’t harmonize with systematic theologies, or man’s reluctance to really and truly rest in Christ.

I’m not writing this to insult anyone. I’m writing this to show honor to what God did for me, and to encourage any believer who may have experienced the same road blocks with religion that I have. You’re not alone my friend.

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