Gooder love

Good mornin to you 😃😃😃

Do you feel God’s gooder love bursting out of you? That’s what God wants from us, to share His gooder love. And it’s fun too, (hey, it’s fun to have fun). He uses our personality too, humor and all.

It don’t matter who the recipient is does it? You just want to yell from your spirit, “hey y’all, I love ya! God’s filled my heart with His gooder love!”

Think back to when you got saved. Who did you seek answers from? Who was it that radiated God’s love and hope to you? Was it the salvation salesman who was laying down rules to obey, or was judging you or your lifestyle? Naw, it was those sweet Christians who were full of God’s gooder love that you sought for answers from. Remember?

Well you’re now that person that He can use to bring the message of His love and hope to people.

Just by expressing what He’s put in your heart…His gooder love! You can be the one to express to them what it is to rest in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the filling of His Spirit and love.

So good mornin, and a big bunch of God’s gooder love to you my friend. 😃

Click here for the way of salvation


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