Why do I say “good mornin” so often?

Well the short answer is that I have a innate personality for humor and grinnin. (Don’t forget that I’m a hick).

Well, years ago, Glenn Beck had a radio show and he would occasionally make prank calls to people. On one call, he kept telling a person who was annoyed at him “good morning.” And it was funny to me.

So I got to where I’ve said “good mornin” at all hours of the day. It’s just my hick way of sayin “howdy.” My family and coworkers know my personality, and they know that it just means “howdy” when it comes out of my mouth. It just makes me grin to say it. 😃

So if I install a “good mornin” on you, just know that it’s my way of installing niceness on you.

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