Sins that result in everlasting damnation

Hi to you, and good mornin. My motivation is to honor God, and help people as best I can. I’m not claiming to be right about everything; I’m just relaying information as best I understand it.

Damning sins:

1. Not believing on Christ for salvation. Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost would also be included in the category of not believing on Christ for salvation, (reference Hebrews 10.29). This is what the Pharisees did. Having been presented with ample evidence that Jesus is the Christ, they rejected Him. They said that Jesus had an unclean spirit, (reference Mark 3.22-30). But there are also a few sub categories that qualify as not believing on Christ for salvation: A. Believing on a false christ, or B. Believing on Christ while adding one’s good works or self merit as a component of one’s salvation. 

2. Taking the mark of the beast, (Revelation 14.9-13). 

3. Adding to, or taking away from scripture, (Revelation 22.18-19). 

If you have ever watched Gail Riplinger’s video called “new age bible versions,” you’ll see that this sin has been done many times. 

I don’t recall where I read it, but if my memory serves me correctly, I remember reading about a man who was one of the architects of the NASB translation. And later he was devastated by what he’d done, and he tried to publicly renounce the NASB, and his participation in it. The man was obviously scared out of his mind thinking about what he’d done. That’s serious business when someone does that; I would have been freaked out too. 

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.” Proverbs 9.10

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  1. Gail Riplinger is a proven liar and ought not to be quoted or promoted. She has lied about her marriages/divorces. She has no theological degrees though she would have you believe it. She does not know her Greek. That’s not the only problems with her but you can find that out for yourself. Many KJVOnlyist watchmen are warning about her.
    FTA: A lengthy critical review of her book New Age Bible Versions was originally published in Cornerstone magazine in 1994, authored by Bob and Gretchen Passantino of Answers In Action, and described the book as “erroneous, sensationalistic, misrepresentative, inaccurate, and logically indefensible”.[4] They concluded by summarizing “There is hardly a page of this book that is free from error. Riplinger does not know Greek, Hebrew, textual criticism, linguistics, principles of translation, logical argumentation, proper citation and documentation standards, competent English grammar and style, or even consistent spelling. This book would never have done more than use Riplinger’s savings and fill up her garage if Christian ‘celebrities’ such as Texe Marrs and David Hocking had not promoted it.”[4] Jeffrey Straub suggests that Riplinger has “fallen out of favor among many fundamentalists due to her unusual associations, shrill tone, and dubious background”.[5]
    FYI, it was a KJVOnlyist who alerted me and warned me about her.
    Please do your research! Be careful of believing her! And, if you are a KJVOnlyist, and there is nothing wrong in that, be careful to check your information! Wescott and Hort have been slandered and their quotes manipulated to make them look worse than they really are in order to discredit them. Slanderers do not enter the Kingdom of God. Please, exercise discernment! We are commanded to do that! God bless!


    1. Good mornin Sherry, and thank you for taking the time to write your comment to me.
      I don’t know a lot about Mrs. Riplinger, but what she presented resonated with me. I was previously a NASB user.
      I believe she has multiple master’s degrees. But her not having any college biblical training…that’s a great thing. Emphasize GREAT thing!😃👍
      God never authorized or recommended that people go to bible colleges or seminaries.
      I don’t know of a single one that doesn’t teach some form of dispensationalism or reformed doctrine, or a mixture of the two. I believe that bible colleges and seminaries are harmful to the body of Christ. Ultimately they are factories that make mouthpieces for systematic theologies of man.
      Regardless of one’s views of Riplinger, one can’t deny that scripture has been removed, and Jesus has been demoted in the Westcott and Hort derivatives.
      So that’s where I stand.
      And good mornin to you 😃


      1. Yes, it is a great thing not to have a college degree unless the Lord leads one to get it. These days of liberal theology and heresies taught in the seminaries I’m thinking its best not to go. However, Mrs. Riplinger deceives others with her “Dr.” title. Deceivers have no part in God’s Kingdom. She needs to repent. And Wescott and Hort have not demoted Christ Jesus in the least. Research their writings. Why would you want to agree to that which has been nothing but a smear campaign? Whenever someone belittles another we need to do our research as to why. Not only that, but their “derivatives” are so scantily used its a joke to even slander them for the KJVO agenda.
        Westcott & Hort: Victims of KJV-Only Smear Campaign
        Even the KJV translators agreed that there should be newer translations when there are new manuscripts discovered and when its needed to make a better understanding of God’s Word for the readers.
        Be careful! They are our brothers in Christ. Deceptive Riplinger has rotten fruits and lies about her marriages, adulteries and divorces. She needs to be exposed since she refuses to repent.
        Have a blessed day in the Lord, Lee, amen!


        1. Synagogues (as I understand them) are the place of teaching and assembly for rabbinic Judaism.
          Rabbinic Judaism is a satanic religion.
          See also Revelation 2.9 & 3.9

          I don’t recall Jesus having endorsed any synagogue. But He did have plenty of conflict with those who were of synagogues.

          And good mornin to you.


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