Trash your bible commentaries

Good mornin. Boy I feel great this mornin after reading in my king James bible, and I wanted to share what I was thinking. 

It’s wonderful to have God as one’s teacher isn’t it?

If you’ve read my other posts about bible choices, you may already know that I destroyed all of my bible commentaries some time ago. I couldn’t guess how many hundreds of dollars worth of material I’d amassed, & then trashed. Because I had a bunch, including commentaries on the whole bible, individual epistle commentaries, Thayer’s lexicon, study bibles, as well as miscellaneous study aids.

  • What I use now are concordances for an occasional study aid, (for word searches)…”Strong’s,” and the ones that are already printed in the back of my bibles by the publisher. And I don’t trust Strong’s word dictionaries. And I’ll occasionally use KJV only reference information, like the Webster’s 1828 dictionary.

So what’s the problem with commentaries & study bibles? It’s that they are all trying to convince you of the theological bias of the author. Grab any one of them, and you’ll find this to be a fact. Usually it’s some version of reformed, or dispensational doctrine. If I’m wrong about this, that’s beautiful; (I’m not being sarcastic). If someone will show me the bible commentary that is doctrinally unbiased, I’ll gladly edit this article to correct my errors.

And be cautious about “going to the Greek” for original meanings of words in the bible. I’ve found that most of the time, “going to the Greek” is rooted in materials that are of corrupt non textus receptus manuscripts.

It’s so much more fulfilling and enjoyable to be fully dependant on God to quicken scripture to you. He indwells you, and He’s plenty capable of teaching you.

I read scripture from this perspective, (having no resource other than God to teach me), and I’ve seen verses say something entirely different than what I’d previously believed they meant when I was following a systematic theology.

Which is a conjoined mindset isn’t it? What I mean is, trash your systematic theology too if you’re following one. It’ll rob you of hearing God in scripture, because it overrides & controls everything you believe or read.

So maybe this article has been a help to someone. I hope so, because that is certainly my intention, to help people. 

And good mornin to you my friend. 😃

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      1. He was actually the radio show I heard talking about Mary and Catholicism. I know Jim Nations he has been to my house. My problem has become all their commentaries they sell! WOW! And ‘Jimmy Swaggart’s Bible.

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