Truth vs. Error: The Battle of the Mind

In the picture above is, (from left to right): Bob Christopher, Richard Peifer, and Bob Davis. 

Bob Christopher and Richard Peifer are the ones who you hear delivering the message of the radio program, with Bob Christopher usually speaking the most. While Bob Davis does the announcements intermixed within the program.

This is my favorite call-in radio ministry. But I’m posting this because I want you to hear the last caller on this broadcast. (The entire broadcast is under 30 minutes).

Listen to the despair in her life, and notice Bob Christopher’s words to her.

I had exactly this sort of phone interaction with Bob years ago when I was in the despair of guilt. And this radio ministry was how God revealed His grace to me in a way that I didn’t know before. 

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  1. Watched a sermon on this yesterday. There sure has been battles going on in my mind since Jesus came into my heart and soul. The devil been fighting me constantly. Some days he wears me out with it. I just stay in his word and pray. Everytime he gives me the strength to overcome. Thankyou Jesus!

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