This is my song for my loving wife who is so precious to me.

And here’s a little bit of trivia about Ronnie that you may not be aware of. I listened to an interview with Ronnie Milsap on YouTube that was about his life as a blind person. And when he told about how he lost all of his sight, it had me in tears.

Bless his heart. When he was really little, his parents split up and he was left to live with his impoverished grandparents. And they in turn dropped him off to live at a school/home for blind children. He said he felt so abandoned. 

In that school/home, they had what was called a “house father,” and he was cruel. He commonly slapped those blind children in the face. Well, that’s how Ronnie went totally blind. He originally had a miniscule amount of vision in one eye, but when he was slapped in the face by the house father, he permanently lost 100% of his sight.

It just breaks your heart for him doesn’t it?   

For the way of salvation, click here

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