I was once a judgemental religious hypocrite

Why did I have a veil over my eyes? Why didn’t I rest in the finished work of Christ? Pride. And I was absolutely blind to my own religious-minded deception.

In my heart, I genuinely believed that I was taking my walk more seriously than most other believers. And I had a contemptuous view of anyone who was totally resting in Jesus’ finished work.

And my horrible pride was fueled by listening to preachers like John McArthur and similar-minded men. Mind you, I’m not judging whether they’re saved or not; I’m not interested in judging people. I’m just being honest about the effect that these preachers had on my thinking. 

Behavioral/religious pride is crippling to a person’s joy. And I noticed that my joy was diminishing-proportionally as my pride in my walk increased. And a few trips in and out of legalism over the years finally got my attention. I had my efforts, but I was miserable, and I was a judgemental hypocrite.

So I returned to my source of joy for good. Resting in Christ + nothing.

And I’m at such a peace now. In fact, I’d rather hear a man talk who knows God’s grace, who is honest about his sinning, than to hear the talk of some smug religious man that I once was.

His rest is there for you too my friend. But you’ve got to let go of self merit. Believe that you are fully forgiven because of Christ’s shed blood alone, and that all of Jesus’ sanctification and righteousness is entirely yours. Believe that, and you’ll not only be free of religious bondage, but you’ll have rest for your soul like you’ve never known.

Ask God to open your eyes to what He’s given to you, He’ll show you.

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  1. Been there, too! BUT God being Who He so graciously is for us has through HIs Holy Spirit continued to show me the TRUTH! Thanks for sharing this Holy Spirit led post! JESUS HAS DONE AWAY WITH THE RELIGIOUS VEIL!
    \0/ \0/ \0/

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  2. This is so good and such a huge piece to our upside down inside out transformed living in Jesus Christ’s finished work! Oh Lord, help us as believers to truly believe and rest in this! Thank you Lee… I need to read about this often…to renew my mind in Christ’s ‘finished’ work! I’m gonna go ‘rest’ now! 🙂

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