The Schuyler Canterbury. Value in a premium bible.

This Canterbury left, LCBP 215 on right

Canterbury left, TBS Windsor center, LCBP 215 right

I’m sharing a post about my newest bible. It has really great readability, because of its great paper and large font. (Of course it’s the Authorized King James). And it’s printed & and bound in the Netherlands by Jongbloed.

The Psalms are all center column format, while the rest is the usual double column. And another nice touch is that the references are out of the way, placed at the bottom of the page.

I’m not really fond of references, (I’d rather have none). But at least they’re not in the reader’s plane while reading. And it has no commentaries. (If it did, I wouldn’t have bought it).

It’s all black letter.

I ordered it from here: Evangelical bible

To my knowledge, is the only place in the U. S. where you can get new Schuyler bibles.

And they have different options priced differently.

Mine was the mid price level around $100, (calfskin).

Their website previously promoted that they would offer a hardback version of the Canterbury as the least expensive version, (I’m not sure when the hardback version will be catalogued, as of 3/2017 I didn’t see it on their website), and they currently offer a premium goatskin version, (for more money than my calfskin version). The goatskin version is fully sewn construction, while the calfskin version is a pastedown textblock.

The ribbons were something I added. (It comes with 3 similar-colored ribbons installed). But I cut them off, and ordered ribbons from ebay that were distinctively different in color. I order them from ebay seller “usmccraftywife.” Click here for her ebay site

I’ve ordered many ribbons from her in the past, and she does excellent work, and will make your ribbons custom to your specifications.

The reason I prefer my ribbons to be all of very different colors, is because I can more easily identify which one is for old and new testament reading, and a 3rd ribbon for random bookmarking. And I prefer my ribbons much longer than standard, because they are a lot handier to grab & flip pages with than some little nub that barely protrudes from the bottom of the bible. But to each his own.

If you’re in the market for a bible, go to and have a look around. They are a really good source for well made bibles.

Grace and peace to you.

Click here for the way of salvation

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