Write down your Christian testimony

“Return to thine own house, and shew how great things God hath done unto thee. And he went his way, and published throughout the whole city how great things Jesus had done unto him.” Luke 8.39

God expects us Christians to tell people about the great, and wonderful gift that He’s given to us. It honors our Saviour, and gives hope to the lost world. But it’s also so very important for us to write it down. 

Some years ago, I was instructed to write down my own Christian testimony. And if I hadn’t been told to do so, I don’t know if it would have ever occurred to me to do it. And boy am I grateful that I did. Because writing it, was one of the most spiritually edifying things that I’ve ever done since I was born again.

If I may, please let me give you a few good reasons why you should write down your testimony. 

First, is the distribution potential. Your story of hope can be shared very abundantly in written form, (especially if it’s written with digital media). You can broadcast it all over the whole world via the internet. 

And paper copies are great too, because you can give them to people that you encounter, even when you don’t have time to have a conversation. That person may read it promptly, and get saved soon thereafter. Or he may disregard it, and it could lay undisturbed for many years in some obscure place. But it will eventually be a blessing to someone who later stumbles across it, who needed to know the way of salvation. And your very personal account can resonate with that someone who thinks that they’ve gone too far for God to love them.

Secondly, it serves as a tangible record of your salvation to your loved ones long after you’re gone to glory.

In which case, you need an actual paper account of your testimony. You can either print out your digitally-written testimony, or just hand write it. Because once you’re gone, that paper record will be the only way that you can ensure that your descendants will be able to access it. Your digital files may not be accessible to them decades from now.

Your great grandkids (and beyond), may never know you, all they may know is that you were a Christian. But that isn’t enough information to help them understand the gospel. You have a story to tell, and they’ll never know about it unless you write it down. Because only you and God know the intimate details of God’s miracle in your life. Just think of the encouragement that you will be giving to them when they begin to seek answers about salvation. You will still be there in a way, helping them to understand God’s love. There’s no greater inheritance that you could give to them than this.

Consider this scenario in reverse for a moment. Remember when the Lord was calling you to salvation? You so greatly needed God’s forgiveness, and the assurance of His love. (What if), you had come across your great grandparent’s testimony when God was calling you? It would have been more priceless to you than your very own life. Knowing that your very own flesh and blood had experienced God’s grace (70 or 80 years ago), just like you’re experiencing right now. You would read it over and over, richly dwelling on every word. Appreciating the consistency of the operation of the Spirit of God. 

And lastly, writing down your testimony benefits you. I don’t know of any other endeavor that better causes one to consider what one believes, and why one believes it, than to write down one’s Christian testimony. 

Wow, wow, and wow! Write all about it. You’ll be very glad that you did. 😃

Isn’t the grace and love of God magnificent?

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  1. I am re-blogging this! I have written mine down and shared it even with strangers! I have several different ones for each testimony The Lord has given me to share since the very first one! ALL GLORY AND HONOR TO GOD THE FATHER!

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