God works in our hearts in ways that we don’t expect doesn’t He? God will use unexpected ways to guide our spirit so that love is foremost in our heart. 

Briefly consider how important love is please…Of all the people that you’ve ever known. Who are you the most endeared to? You know the answer. It’s the people who’ve loved you from the depths of their heart.

Here’s how God ministered love in my heart today. I don’t know if God orchestrated this situation or not, but I do know for sure that He used it for good…I was listening to the Kenny Rogers song “Twenty years ago,” and I cried.  (Here’s the link to that song)   There were two prevailing-thoughts going on in my head. 1. The precious love that my grandparents had for me when I was a kid, and 2. My shame over the disappointments and harm that I had caused people throughout my life. And while I didn’t stop missing my grandparents, Christ reminded me in my spirit that He loves me, and that He had forgiven me of all of my evil. 

Real love is so precious, and our time in this world is but a vapor. 

When God moves in a person’s heart, He increases our desire to love others. And He greatly renews our appreciation for everyone in our life who loves us. Especially our appreciation for the Lord Jesus Christ, who is love, and He never leaves nor forsakes us.

God loves you so much.

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