Watch “New Age Bible Versions Exposed- By Gail Riplinger” on YouTube

(A disclaimer first) This presentation by Gail Riplinger was hosted by “the prophesy club.” This article isn’t an endorsement of “the prophesy club.” 

Believing God’s word is at the core of every Christian’s faith. Which is why it is vital that we have His genuine word, and not a counterfeit that will lead us into doctrinal error.

This presentation goes into detail regarding new bible versions that are corrupt. Such as NASB, NIV, NKJV, and others. And as the presentation goes deeper, it is revealed that practicing occultists have changed the wording of the bible to assault Christ. It’s fascinating and alarming. And I’ll guarantee you, if you’ll watch it all the way through, you’ll never look at bible translations the same way again.

And incidentally, I know of many Christians who don’t use the King James bible, and I have been blessed greatly by their ministry. So I’m not implying that one’s salvation is invalid if they don’t use the King James bible. Salvation is solely the matter of believing on the Lord Jesus Christ as one’s Saviour.

And I myself wasn’t always a King James bible believer; I previously used all sorts of modern translations. And my primary bible that I previously trusted was the NASB. (That is, until I watched this presentation). I was so disturbed by what I saw, I destroyed all of our modern bibles, and promptly replaced them with Authorised King James bibles. And I’ve loved it ever since.

But don’t take my word for it, examine this presentation for yourself. You’ll be shocked at what you learn.

One final word of caution for you: Regardless of your translation preference, reject all “study bibles,” and bibles with commentaries. 100% of the time, these are going to interject doctrinal biases into your understanding of God’s word; it’s spiritual poison, and it pollutes & dishonors God’s word. The Holy Spirit is plenty capable at teaching you.

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