TBS Windsor Text Bible – one of the best bibles I’ve ever owned. 

Let me please first comment a little about bible ribbons before I get to the bible review.

I get my ribbons from “usmccraftywife” on ebay. Click here for her ebay site

She makes ribbons specific to your dimensions and color preference. She’s got countless designs listed, but for your own design, click “you pick six.” Meaning you pick out the color scheme of a six ribbon bookmark, (or however you want it made). I pick that, but specify three ribbons only, and the length I want. (I’ve bought the six ribbon markers before and they’re really good, but I don’t use that many. Three works better for me). One each for old and new testament, and a random marker.

Now on to the bible review…

I had the bible’s cover embossed at a local store. The first stamping came out weak, so I had them restamp it above. But I don’t care if it looks messy; I just love highlighting those magnificent verses.

Here’s a look at the TBS Windsor:

In the photo with 3 bible interiors, the TBS Windsor is the center one, left is Schuyler Canterbury, and right is LCBP 215.

This TBS-produced bible’s translation is the Authorized King James; (that’s the only version that TBS produces). And I got ours online from evangelicalbible.com, and it was a steal at $35. Here is the link to Evangelical bible

Look  at what it features:

This bible has no cross references or commentaries. No matter who the publisher is, stay away from commentary bibles. God’s word doesn’t need their enhancements to show you how to think and interpret scripture; that’s the Holy Spirit’s work. Man’s commentaries defile His word, and interject doctrinal biases into your thinking 100% of the time.

This wonderful bible also has no distracting self-pronouncing text within the scripture of this bible. (It has a word-pronunciation section, but it’s in a separate section in the back of the bible).

And, it passed my word-test that distinguishes a true Authorized King James bible, from a counterfeit King James bible.

It uses the preferred Cambridge text, (instead of the Oxford text).

And it has creamy-colored, antique-looking opaque paper. (The benefit is, you don’t get light glare on the page as you do with shiny white paper). And the feel of this paper is like that of velvety rose petals. And in my estimation, this paper in the TBS Windsor is the best paper of any bible that I’ve ever owned, (including some very expensive bibles that cost hundreds of dollars apiece).

Its construction is genuine Smythe-sewn.

And it’s bound in real calfskin, (not bonded leather).

It’s perfect. 

Click here for the way of salvation

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