LCBP 380 bible. An excellent bible, and it’s only $6! 

Below is the link to order this bible:

Here’s some pictures of it:

The website of LCBP says that it has no concordance. But I own several of these 380s, and mine have very ample concordances. (See photo above for proof). Although the concordance font is smaller than the bible’s text-font.

It measures 8.5″ tall, 5.5″ wide, and about 1.75″ thick.

You can’t go wrong with this bible. It’s God’s pure and perfect word, not polluted with commentaries.

In many ways, this is my favorite bible. There’s something about it that just works for me.

There’s always a special enjoyment you get with anything that you use with gusto, not worrying about its replacement cost. And this bible has that sort of appeal.

And it’s nice and sturdy. It has a tough vinyl cover (not a paper cover), and the text is a large readable print, (not the small print that you typically find in paperbacks). And there’s also a nice feeling to using a bible like this that has its cover cut-flush with the pages…Because you can grab it and speedily fan the pages like you would fan a phonebook when you’re looking for something.

I also add, that all text only bibles from LCBP or TBS are great bibles. 😀

LCBP, (Local Church Bible Publishers), and is an American organization, that promotes the Authorized King James bible.

And TBS, (Trinitarian Bible Society), and is a British organization, that promotes the  Authorized King James bible.                                                                

Stick with any of their text only Authorized King James bibles, and you can’t go wrong.

Click here for the way of salvation

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