My Christian testimony. How you too can be free of your guilt, and know that you have eternal life

Just to give you some scale of my age, I was born in 1965.

Throughout my life, I have been a very evil sinner. With only two periods of intense religious activity in my life, (as of 2016). The first was when I was a young adult in the mid 1980s, (that was when my quest for salvation began). Then after a year or two, I abandoned that religious experience. I then became increasingly wicked over the next couple of decades. Then my second intense religious activity began in 2012. And yet again, religion wasn’t the answer to what I needed. What ultimately happened was, Christ found me, outside of religion.

In my salvation-seeking through religion, I’d done all the stuff that religion said that I needed to do to get saved. I’d said the “sinner’s prayer” many times, I’d walked the aisle, and I’d even been baptized a couple of times…But I had never really known Jesus’ easy yoke and light burden. I hadn’t truly spiritually-grasped what Jesus’ finished work really meant, and how it applied to me. I was trusting in my religious knowledge about Jesus, my sinner’s prayer, my dedication to Jesus, & my repentance of my sins, to validate that I was a Christian…And I was All wrong.

So in 2012 & 2013, God had been revealing His grace to me incrementally. I had already been craving His mercy, but one particular night while I was driving, something beautifully miraculous clicked within me. I really believed that I was forgiven…This revelation of God’s grace literally had me yelling in blissful relief in the cab of my truck! “I’m forgiven! I’m really and truly forgiven!” And I was jumping up and down with joy! My entire sin debt for the entirety of my life was forgiven!

Oh the relief !!!

But receiving forgiveness isn’t the only blessing given to us in salvation. We are made spiritually alive from spiritual death, and we are immeasurably, and unconditionally loved by our Father, (Who cares for even our most trivial concerns in life). He indwells us with His Spirit, and Christ is in us as we are in Christ.

(By God having imputed unto us)…the Lord Jesus Christ’s death, burial, resurrection, eternal life, sanctification, & righteousness…is all ours. Christ’s life is our life.

And the ONLY thing that we can do to receive it, is to BELIEVE on the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour. Meaning, we trust ONLY in what Jesus has done for us, and we trust ZERO in our contributions (of any kind)…So easy to do, yet it’s so counterintuitive to the human nature.

What a magnificent love that God has for us. Rest in the finished work of Christ my friend.

Click here, for my article that’s specifically about the way of salvation



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